survey about XT large capacity tank

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survey about XT large capacity tank

Beitragvon sarah.s » Di Apr 10, 2018 12:53

Hello. My name is Sarah and I am a young French designer who starts manufacturing motorcycle equipment, especially for the legendary 500 XT. As part of a market study to verify the viability of my project, thank you kindly fill out this small questionnaire.
Thank you in advance !! :) ... 5OmCE/edit

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Re: survey about XT large capacity tank

Beitragvon motorang » Mi Apr 11, 2018 12:07

Hi Sarah,
thank you for asking, I just filled out your questionnaire.

My thoughts on a tank:

There are plenty of aftermarket fuel tanks in your targeted capacity available for small money (used ones that is, mostly Acerbis). So your tank would need to stand out here.
I would be interested to refrain from my 18 l Acerbis tank if ...

- The tank would have a capacity >20l
- The tank would fit to the original fittings or an adapter would be available
- The tank can be painted or permanently stickered or covered with some foil (most plastic tanks can NOT)
- ... or the tank would be white and translucent, so you can see the fuel level from the outside (very cool IMHO)

- The tank would have a reasonably flat top to sit a tank bag on it. More a classic shape like the old Paris Dakar stuff.
- The tank has standard fuel taps, one on each side (easy to get, easy to replace)

Something like the Acerbis Jumbo Tank, just bigger (this one only has 15,5 l)

Or the 1980s Sonauto tanks:


Just my 2c

Do you ride an XT500 yourself or have an experienced rider at hand to help?


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